Friday, March 6, 2015

Healthy grocery guide and Smoothies

Happy 2015! I am so late.
 I hope 2015 has been great thus far. It has been 2 months and a lot has happened. I digress. Let's talk health! I am so passionate about nutrition. I believe it is crucial in health.

Being a student and trying to stay healthy can be challenging. You probably already have a challenge balancing different components of your life: work, school, schedule time for yourself, and the family and friends (F&F).

With all those responsibilities, we may not be able consciously control what and how much you eat.

 Tips for healthy grocery shopping.

1. Prevent purchasing packaged and processed food when possible. They have preservatives, and additives you don't need in your system.

2. Go for fresh and whole foods.
They may seem expensive, but think of it. Your body and healthy is an investment. You get out what you put in.

3. Do your research and look for coupons. I shop online for groceries at They have sales all the time and coupons.

4. Budget, Budget! I literally spend about $200 on groceries a month. Yes! About $7 for 2 whole meals and 2-3 snacks a day. Maybe I want a quart of gelato for $9.49, but I really need more strawberries for my smoothies. So I'll get a pint instead of a quart. And indulge on my gelato on special days.

5. Will power! Especially when you go to events and parties. You can look for a healthier options and control your portions.


Remember my first post on Juicing. I have used it for about 2 years. It's still works great. However, I notice that I lack enthusiasm to use the pulp for other recipes and lose the fibers I need. Also I need more fruits and veggies for a cup of juice.
 To counterfeit the cons of juicing, I got a $34 blender for my birthday last week.
I have been using it for a couple of days and I love it. I use the $16oz jar. It is so easy to clean. This is a great alternative to the NutriBullet system.


I am planning on getting an extra blade as a back up. The system in lightweight and quite convenient. Plus I get all the fiber and nutrients from my whole foods.

I made an anti-inflammatory smoothie today:
One stick of celery
Five cubes of pineapple (3 oz)
Half a banana
Lemon (peeled)
Pineapple juice

Blend away! Delicious!

The lemon, ginger and pineapple were frozen so I didn't need ice. I find that ice dilutes the taste. Fruits and veggies have water naturally anyway. Prepping (peel, chop up and store in containers or ziploc bags) and freezing the fruits and veggies preserves them for a long time.

I hope this helps!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Black on black

Monday morning is usually a little bit of a hassle; from trying to get out of bed to getting ready to leave for the day's endeavors. 
When you find yourself spending more than your usually time deciding on what outfit to wear. 
A black on black ensemble can never go wrong.
|Sweater: TJ Maxx|Boots: Shoedazzle|Pants: AA riding pants|Ring: Target|Earrings: ToniDaley|

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The floral sweatshirt

|Sweatshirt: H&M| Denim: Zara| Sneaker wedges: a boutique in NYC|

I love basic and comfortable pieces with a feature that makes it not your average basic piece. You know what I mean. I snatched this sweatshirt from the sales rack at H&M a few months ago. It was less than $10. Yay! It is good quality, and a great piece to transition into the fall. This was a few days ago, I was running errands. So, I wanted to look casual, and a little dressed up at the same time. I think I achieved all I wanted with this outfit. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

My top 5 fall fashion trends (lookbook)

|Shirt: F21| Stilletos/Bag/Denim: Zara (2013)|

Fall is slowly creeping in. The past few days have been nice; the temperature has been in the lower 80s. I love living in a place with four seasons; gives one something to look forward to. I love fall because of the fashion and the holidays. 

FYI: I was contacted by the, a website to buy and sell gift cards. Check them out they have gift cards from different stores from Macy's® to Starbucks®. Yep Starbucks®.

Okay, let's talk about fashion. Most of the items I am wearing I have had for a while, mostly from 2011-2013.  With season change you may be tempted to change your wardrobe. You don't need to; especially, if you are on a budget. You can recycle your closet by working with what you have and buying a few new pieces (like a coats, some shoes and accessories).

1.  Burgundy; my favorite fall color

2.     Leather or Faux leather

3.     Fall accessories; the floppy hat.

4.     Animal print, a classic. 
Really, animal prints can be classified as neutrals. They go with almost every color. Here I pairing my AA riding pants with a white blaze and leopard print tank with a floppy hat.

|Heels: Wildrose (2012)| Blazer and Tank: H&M|

5.     Fall color blocking
I want to challenge myself with colors, textures and prints. I am a working progress. Color blocking has always been easier to do. Here I am pairing major fall colors: mustard, navy blue and burgundy. Love this casual outfit; super comfy. All that is left is a huge nude studio fall coat. Like this one from Zara. It is quite pricey (sign). I will wait for a good bargain when it goes on sale or find something similar elsewhere.

|Overalls: UNIQLO (2013)| Tee: H&M| Stiletto: Zara (2013)|


   Sweaters/knits, a classic.

Don't toss your crop tops yet. You could use them to layer to keep warm.
 Here, I am wearing my AA riding pants again with a crop top and a cape-like sweater. I can only wear crop tops with something high-waisted pants or skirt. I feel its to relieving; just my preference. 

|Red sweater: Guess (thrifted)| American apparel riding pants| Metallic sweater/black sneaker: H&M|

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I am back!

Hello September, 
I know, I know I have  MIA for almost the entire year, especially since summer. A lot of life changes, so I haven't had time. I am happy to be back. I plan to be consistent, bring more content and better quality for the rest of the year and onward. 
Good news: I am now a graduate student, still on the quest  towards my career path. 

| Hair: Crochet braids using Noir afro twist bulk | Lippie: Purty Persimmon Wet n Wild |
| Dress: H&M | Earrings: Charlotte Russe |

Share, comment, & leave any questions you may have.

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