Thursday, May 23, 2013

Detox: Juicing on a budget for beginners (college student fitness style)

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What have I been up to lately?
I have been very conscious and concerned about my health and fitness.
Two weeks ago, I started the INSANITY work out by Shaun T. I have been somewhat (lol) consistent with the workout, trying to dig deeper in the voice of Shaun T (by the way his workouts are amazing).  After my second fitness test, this week, I noticed that I have not improved from my first workout and I have deteriorated in some of the fitness workout and improved in some. I wasn't happy at all. So I decided to so more research. Then I came across detoxing again (which I have heard about), but never really considered doing it. 
The saying, 'you are what you eat' is a gazillion percent true. Since I became pescetarian for about eight and a half months (woohoo! almost a year) my diet have improved. I need this detox to push my body a step further, so I can get healthier and get great results with the INSANITY workout. Shaun T said in the introduction of INSANITY fuel your body.  I woke up this morning fed up with the way I felt about the workout fitness test. I decided, I am doing to detox for at least 14 days possibly 60 days (like Joe Cross of Fat, Sick and Nearly dead). I know it is going to be challenging after all, nothing good comes easy). However, I am so excited to start this detox juice fast. I ordered the Hamilton Beach Health Smart Juice Extractor  ($30.99) from amazon with one day shipping ($3.99), it arrives tomorrow. It is not the best juicer, other costs hundreds of dollars. However, it works and for now that's all I care about. My plan to chop the vegertable and fruits into small chunks and juice them. Then, 're-juice' the purees to get the most of the micronutrients.

Benefits of Juicing:
Juicing enables your body to absorb nutrients from the fruits and vegetables faster than blending does. link for more info.
 I went grocery shopping and tried to get all organic, but could not; it is so expensive.
I got:
Bunch of Kale (Have so much benefits)
Organic Cucumbers (5)
Mangoes (2) (organic)
oranges (2) (organic)
Organic Beets (4)
Organic Ginger root (a huge one)
4 lemons
5 apples
Baby Arugula (organic)
2 lb of carrot (organic) (14)
Grape tomatoes (organic)
A bunch of Celery (organic)
And a bunch of italian parsley (organic).

They all cost under $40. This would last me for almost a week (let's say... 5 days). The regular cost of health meals for a week, it would cost 3 times that. I plan to drink lost of water along with the juices. 
I will try to keep y'all updated each day (we will see about that -.*) on my progress, my own recipes, set-backs, as well as difficulties.

Links to recipes I plan to try out and possibly modify:
 Video for tips:

Have a great day and juice on! 
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